Player Care

Innovative Player Care Program and Telehealth Support for Athletes


Athletes do not currently have accessible, confidential, quality mental health care. 

There is a rapid growth in demand for athletes mental health that is being unmet. 

Alexis Hornbuckle, Onrise Player Care Specialist at Athletes Unlimited. Only woman to win the WNBA Championship and National Championship in the same year.

Onrise goes beyond to extend our reach and maximize player engagement by training and employing retired athletes as Player Care Specialists.

Tasha Saunders, VP of Player Care speaks to USL2 player giving injury support. Saunders played soccer at The University of the South.


Onrise delivers specialized mental health care specifically for athletes, by athletes and backed by licensed clinicians. 

This telehealth service is external to the organization that they play for, allowing them to be more open and fully engaged. 

  • Wellbeing: A robust approach to mental health, physical health, and life skills. Player Care, talk therapy, and psychiatry.
    • Player Care: A full Player Care Screening given to evaluate players’ baseline mental health.  All screenings are reviewed by a licensed mental health clinician. Continual care provided by trained former high level athletes. 
    • Talk Therapy: First session within 48 hours upon referral by the Player Care Specialist. Confidential, HIPPA-compliant telehealth, trauma-informed care and crisis management. Onrise can file insurance if available.
    • Psychiatry: The Onrise team can help with your medication management and psychiatric needs.

Seamlessly Integrating Onrise into your Team

Player Care Screening

A robust approach to mental health, physical health, and life skills.

Developing Rapport with the Player Care Specialist

Especially in a hybrid system, it is important to develop a meaningful relationship with the Player Care Specialist. If players know who they are reaching out to, they will reach out more often.

On-Call Player Care Specialist

When any issues arise, the Player Care Specialist is a click or text away. They can meet with the player within 24 hours.

Mental Health Needs

When the needs of a player should be elevated to a licensed LCSW or Psychiatrist, the Onrise team will see them within 48 hours.

Ongoing Support

Onrise will be there for your team, even during the off-season. We believe in arriving well and leaving well.


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Onrise featured in Sports Business Journal

Sports Business Journal Executive Insights on Onrise: In our Executive Insight conversation with Onrise’s Brenda McBride and Derrick Furlow, they discuss their approach and how they have continued to help athletes all over the world confront their struggles with mental health.