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Our unique collaborative care model includes Athlete Mental Health Specialists, therapists, and psychiatric providers who work with your team to provide comprehensive, personalized care plans that help your athlete feel better today, and thrive tomorrow.

Connecting athletes with the right level of care through a dedicated care  team, for mental health support, as well as streamlined assessments for diagnoses and evidence-based treatment, we ensure no athlete slips through the cracks.
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Our Care Team

Our mental health care team for athletes comprises a dedicated group of professionals who understand the unique challenges and pressures that athletes face.

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Athlete Mental Health Specialists

A Human-Centered Model of Care, with Athlete-Specific Mental Health Peer Support, Therapy, and Psychiatry Under One Roof

Our continuous care model guides members to step up or step down care as needed. All athletes can choose their level of care at all times.

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Licensed Therapists

In partnership with our specialists, our therapists offer diagnoses and provide therapy with a focus on your athlete’s unique experiences.

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Psychiatric Providers

Our physicians and nurse practitioners can provide clinical diagnoses, prescribe medication, and work in close partnership with your care team.

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Jaden jones riley

“As we know, being an athlete isn't easy and it comes with lots of expectations. The Onrise family brings comfort and love that is very much needed. I have been in lots of different environments, but I can say that the Onrise family is the best one."

Men's Soccer, University of Dayton Class of 2022, Currently playing for Portland Timbers 2
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"A player centric model has been needed for a long time and we are seeing the impact of finally having one through Onrise. We appreciate the tailored approach working with us every step of the way to address our specific needs as a unique organization."

Connor Tobin
Executive Director, Co-Founder USL Players Association
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"The Philadelphia Eagles are proud to be in partnership with Onrise. Your commitment to and passion for being the best at what you do has been clear since we began our partnership. Thank you and Go Birds!!"

Brian Napoli
Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships at Philadelphia Eagles
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"It was amazing to have such an incredible group of people that cared about me at all moments and pushed me through the hard moments when dealing with an injury. I will always be grateful for everything they have done for me in these past months."

Amferny Sinclair
Amferny Arias Sinclair, (Captain of the Syracuse Men's National Championship Soccer Team 2022. U15, U17, Uzo Costa Rican National Team. Currently playing for Real Salt Lake City).

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Athlete Mental Health Specialist • Licensed Therapists • Psychiatric Providers •
Athlete Mental Health Specialist • Licensed Therapists • Psychiatric Providers •